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We specialize in making custom projects easy for everyone from hobbyists to contractors. We have you covered! Barnacle Brothers has an extensive inventory of reclaimed lumber, hardwoods (both domestic and exotic), woodworking supplies, a full service wood shop, and a plethora of product knowledge! We want to sell you an experience, not just a product. It is our goal to take your unique vision into reality.

Here’s our business goals, and why they should matter to you!

Realized in 2015, Barnacle Brothers came to be from the ambitious minds of lifelong friends, Kane Miller and Garret Stephen. Barnacle brothers is on a mission to provide beauty from wood while paying respect to our environment by using sustainable harvesting practices. Throwing stuff out doesn’t solve the problem. Re-purposing materials and harvesting trees using sustainable methods gives new life to old things, and allows our trees to mature as nature intended.

There is miraculous beauty in using reclaimed and old-growth lumber. There is just something remarkable about wood that cannot be recreated in a laboratory. The time, patience, and help from mother nature brings out the unique colors and phenomenal patterns that laid dormant inside for so long. What was once a drab, consistent piece of freshly cut timber, now lays as a vibrant, heavenly tribute to the masterpiece of Mother Nature. The one-of-a-kind weathering, distorted grain patterns, and coloration were her canvas, and Barnacle Brothers, her tools.

How did Barnacle Brothers come to be?

It all started one day when a barn on Garret’s family property had reached the end of its life. The decision was made to tear it down. Garret enlisted the help of Kane to complete the task and with any demolition project, the next question always arises. “What do we do with all the debris?” Going back to the days in high school wood shop allowed us to see the value and potential in this big pile of wood.

Kane mentions that “we craftily removed the debris, and sanded away the rough edges to reveal the inner beauty that laid beneath. Piece after piece, we began to understand that no two boards are every exactly the same. Alas, it all came together to create one remarkable project. Needless to say, we were hooked.”

So what started as a demolition project turned into our first reclamation project and our family barn found new life. We began using the wood for different projects and the response was overwhelming but we had a issue.

“There was only one problem,” stated Garret. “We had far too many boards than we ever needed for our projects. So, instead of burning the rest for a summer bonfire or sending the remains to a landfill, we decided to see if anyone else was interested in using what we had left over. We soon began to connect the dots, and realized that there was a phenomenally wild market available that we never knew existed.”

If you can dream of it, we can create it!

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1651 Olean-Portville Rd,
Olean, NY 14760
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